SKYFOLD Products


Skyfold® is a revolutionary Operable Wall Partition System, offering space management solutions for any specific project requirement. Giving you an array of options to divide any space, choose your level of acoustic performance and maximize the use of any floor area.

Classic™ Series

Easy to use and store, the Skyfold® Classic™ Series offers state-of-the art acoustics, up to STC 60. It’s flat and light weight allowing you to conserve floor space and maximize use. Fully Operable Wall Partition System is well suited for conference rooms, offices and spaces that need to be flexible for change.

Zenith® Series

Offering a variety of finish options, the Skyfold® Zenith® Series leaves a lasting impression. These fully automated wall system is an ideal solution for combining functionality and aesthetic appeal to create a unique space. The wall partition system is fully automated with state of the art technology, giving you the ease to manage your space with just a push of a button.


Innovative glass partition that gives your space a clean and crisp look with high level of functionality. It’s available in a variety of glass coatings with acoustic seal feature. This Operable Wall System is fully automatic and equipped with modern mechanism allowing you to transform spaces with ease.