Service And Maintenance



Gibca Furniture Industry Co. LTD is a manufacturing licensee for Hufcor, Inc. U.S.A for the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa region. We stand by our products, quality and workmanship.  Our fully trained and skilled technicians/workers ensure that the global standards of Hufcor, Inc. are maintained through all the installation and operation stages.

However, it’s critical that all operable walls are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure their long-term use by you. This confirms the product is working to it’s full capacity in a secure and safe manner. It could be as simple as an aesthetic repair or an issue with the acoustic performance. A regular maintenance will ensure any issues are identified as soon as possible and rectified so you can continue to use our products with confidence.


  • Extends life of your moveable walls.
  • Increases its operational efficiency and durability.
  • Guarantees excellent acoustic performance.
  • Monitors partition‘s condition and performance.
  • Identifies and rectifies damages at earliest stage.
  • Reduces the requirement for emergency repairs.
  • Secures the safety of your staff and guests.

We ensure that you have our full support even after the installation stage. We offer an extensive selection of Service & Maintenance options to enhance your experience with our products. You can customize our maintenance package to meet your specific needs, call for emergency service, order replacement parts or just request for an aesthetic repair. We have a maintenance service for your every need.


  • Free partition inspection.
  • Service maintenance, repair for moveable partition.
  • Checking all panels, alignment, leveling and face finishes.
  • Partition or track replacement.
  • Retro fit of existing partition and track.
  • Priority scheduling for services.
  • Checking & adjusting all panels carrier bolts.
  • Track cleaning and lubricating, if required.
  • Lubricating all trolleys, hinges and other moving parts.
  • Adjusting all panels to plumb condition.
  • Adjusting operable top and bottom seals.
  • Securing loose acoustic seals, hinges, panel trim and trolleys.


Quarterly Service – Four maintenance services annually

Half Yearly Service – Two maintenance services annually