HUFCOR Products


Established in the early 1900’s, Hufcor Inc. USA has been a pioneer in the field of operable walls. Leading the industry with it’s innovative and exceptional quality product lines, the company holds the largest number of patents and is responsible for numerous revolutionary advancements.

Since 1998, Gibca Furniture Industry Co. Ltd. (L.L.C) is a manufacturing licensee for Hufcor, Inc. U.S.A for the Middle East, Central Asia and North African region based in United Arab Emirates. We manufacture almost the entire Hufcor line of operable walls at our state of the art facility adhering to the Hufcor standard specifications. Our team of fully trained technicians and skilled workers ensure the high standards of Hufcor Inc is maintained through all installation and operation stages. Hufcor routinely monitors and evaluates the quality as well as standards of products at our manufacturing facilities to ensure its fully complaint with their standards. We pride ourselves in maintaining the Hufcor Inc. worldwide quality standards.

Offering an extensive line of operable partitions including operable walls and glass walls. With their wide selection of versatile features such as flexible sight and sound separation, the customization options for our clients are limitless.

‘Shape your Experience’-With Hufcor

Operable Walls

Hufor Operable Walls System, offering premium quality craftmanship, design adaptability and varying levels of acoustic performance. Customization options offered are boundless with the Operable Wall System, letting you create a space that fits your objectives.

Glass Walls

Hufcor Glass Walls is a perfect blend of aesthetic beauty and flexibility of Operable Wall System. Allowing you to create a seamless flow between the outdoor and indoor space. Design a space that is fully transformable and functional.