GIBCA Products


We pride ourselves in working with our client on making their vision a reality. Creating work space solutions for today while giving you the flexibility for future change. Our modern state of the art facility allows us to develop innovative and quality products to serve our clients’ needs.

Office Partitions System

Our Office Partition System transforms workspaces into a more adaptable and well-designed environment. Helping you create office space solutions that work for you and can transform with your team’s changing needs. Our versatile selection unites visual appeal, functionality, safety and durability.

Washroom Cubicles

GIBCA Washroom Cubicles are used in health centers, spas, hotels. Our versatile wet area cubicles are designed for each client’s specific needs and budgets. Equipped with mechanism that makes customization easy and provides with design flexibility. Some options available with complete stainless-steel hardware mounting brackets, glass door hinges, privacy thumb turn lock and door knob.

Locker Systems

GIBCA Locker Systems are designed aesthetically superior and with high level security, making it suitable for high-end health clubs, academic institutions, luxury spas, sport arenas, professional sport teams’ locker rooms and more. Select from high pressure compact laminate locker shutters, compact laminate bench top and various lock options.

Internal Wall Cladding

GIBCA Wall Cladding is made from Solid Grade High Pressure Compact Laminate. Compact laminate panels are resistant to impact and abrasion, moisture resistant, easy to maintain and can be simply cleaned with mild detergent and water.

GIBCA Integrated Plumbing Systems are recognized worldwide for their unparalleled quality

Integrated Panel Systems

Gibca’s Integrated Panel System is synonymous with innovation and leading edge technology in the pre-plumbed system.

Fast installation, high functionality, array of features and finishes are some of Gibca’s Integrated Panel System’s impressive qualities. Whether it’s a luxury hotel or a functional educational building, it’s a perfect fit for any setting.


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